2019-2020 Agendas

The York Academy Board of Trustees meets the first Monday of each month in the Lower School Media Center (3rd floor). All meetings are open to the public. The meetings are run by the Board Chairman and are designed to oversee operations and provide strategic direction for the Academy. The following is a record of agendas from meetings of the Board of Trustees during the 2019-20 school year. 

June 2020 Agenda

May 2020 Agenda

April 2020 Agenda

March 2020 Agenda

February 2020 Agenda

January 2020 Agenda

December 2019 Agenda

November 2019 Agenda

October 2019 Agenda

September 2019 Agenda

August 2019 Agenda

July 2019 Agenda

June 2019 Agenda

May 2019 Agenda

April 2019 Agenda

March 2019 Agenda

February 2019 Agenda

January 2019 Agenda

December 2018 Agenda

November 2018 Agenda

October 2018 Agenda

September 2018 Agenda

August 2018 Agenda
July 2018 Agenda