Common Questions

Can any student attend York Academy?
Any student is welcome to apply, however York Academy has an admission policy that dictates how students enter the charter school. Children are admitted as the applications are submitted. Should the charter school receive more applications than seats available in the school, a lottery is held and students are offered admission based upon the order of selection in the lottery.

If you are interested in submitting an application for your child to attend York Academy for the next school year, a family member must attend an Informational Meeting. These meetings take place in January and February (dates TBD). Attendance is required to ensure that parents fully understand that because we offer the International Baccalaureate Curriculum, the expectations of our students are different from traditional public schools.

Chick here for more information about the admissions process.

What makes York Academy different from other public schools?
Funding for the school comes directly from the school district in which the student resides. The York Academy was founded as a nonprofit organization. Therefore, all revenues that come into the school are dedicated to the operation of our school. York Academy offers opportunities most public schools cannot provide. We are also the only school in York County to educate students via the academically rigorous International Baccalaureate curriculum. 

Does York Academy offer gifted or special education services?
The York Academy offers a program for students identified as gifted or talented. We do provide special education programs for students, however our programs are limited to students with mild handicaps. Those students with more severe handicaps would be referred to the Lincoln Intermediate Unit.

How are charter schools funded?
Charter schools are funded through tuition payments made to the charter school for students who reside in a school district. The tuition rate for our charter school is based upon the instructional expense that is calculated by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Therefore, when a student begins attending school in Pennsylvania, the cost of their education (tuition rate) follows them no matter if they attend school in their local district or at York Academy.

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