What Is A Charter School?

The York Academy Regional Charter School is an independent public school that operates independent from any public school. A group of individuals, committed to providing a unique educational experience for children, developed and submitted the proposal to three school districts including Central York, York Suburban, and the School District of the City of York.

What makes our school different from other public schools?

Funding for the school comes directly from the school district in which the student resides. The York Academy was founded as a not for profit organization; therefore, all revenues that come into the school are dedicated to the operation of our school. Our school offers opportunities most public schools cannot offer. Beginning in kindergarten, our students receive instruction in the Spanish language. This language instruction continues until grade six when Spanish becomes a major subject taught every day of the school year.

Each of our classrooms has a certified teacher as well as an instructional assistant. We attempt to secure certified individuals to fill instructional positions.

How are charter schools funded?
Charter schools are funded through tuition payments made to the charter school for students who reside in the school district. The tuition rate for our charter school is based upon the instructional expense that is calculated by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

Can anyone attend a charter school?
The York Academy has an admission policy that dictates how student enter the charter school. To secure an application, a family member must attend an Informational Meeting. These meetings are scheduled between the months of January and February.

The purpose of requiring attendance is to assure that parents fully understand the expectations of our students may be different from the traditional public school. Children admitted to the charter school are admitted as the applications are submitted. Should the charter school receive more applications than seats available in the school, a lottery is held and students are offered admission based upon the order of selection in the lottery.

Do charter schools offer special education services?
The York Academy does provide special education programs for students; however, our programs are limited to students with mild handicaps. Those students with more severe handicaps would be referred to the Lincoln Intermediate Unit.

The York Academy also offers a program for students identified as gifted or talented.

Parents electing to enroll their child in the York Academy must have the following documents to complete the registration process:
 Personal identification of the parent/guardian
 Proof of child's identity (birth certificate)
 Immunization record and current medical records
 Proof of residence
 Copy of transcripts for any previously attended school

Enrollment Process
A lottery will be held after the open enrollment period. Families will be notified by mail or phone of their child's acceptance into the York Academy.

When the number of applications received for a grade level exceeds the seats available, a lottery is held to establish an order in which students will be offered admission. This process also creates any waiting lists that might develop if there are significant applications for admission.

Should there be no vacancies, parents are urged to submit their application. Typically, there are students that leave the school as a result of parents that are required to relocate. With an application submitted, your child may be offered admission during the school year.