Common Questions

Can any student attend the York Academy Regional Charter School?
Yes, any student may apply, however the York Academy has an admissions policy that dictates how students enter the charter school. Children are admitted as the applications are submitted. Should the charter school receive more applications than seats available in the school, a lottery is held and students are offered admission based upon the order of selection in the lottery. If you are interested in submitting an application for your child to attend the Academy, click here for more information.  

Is there a tuition fee to attend the York Academy?
Since the York Academy is a public, non-profit charter school, there is no tuition fee for students.

What grade levels do you serve?
Currently, students in kindergarten through 11th grade attend our school. For the next three years, we will add a kindergarten class, and by the 2021-22 school year the York Academy will be a fully-enrolled K-12 public charter school. 

What makes the York Academy different from other public schools?
Funding for the school comes directly from the school district in which the student resides. Since the York Academy was founded as a nonprofit organization, all incoming revenue is dedicated to the operation of our school. 

The York Academy offers challenging academics and unique art, theater and music opportunities that most traditional public schools cannot provide. We are also the only school in York County - and one of just two in the state - accredited to offer the International Baccalaureate (IB) PrimaryMiddle Years and Diploma ProgrammeThe Diploma Programme is respected and recognized among the world’s higher education institutions. For students, success in the IB often results in advanced standing, course credit, scholarships and other admissions related benefits at many universities.

Does the York Academy offer gifted or special education services?
The York Academy offers a program for students identified as gifted or talented. We do provide special education programs for students, however our programs are limited to students with mild handicaps. Those students with more severe handicaps would be referred to the Lincoln Intermediate Unit.

How are charter schools funded?
Charter schools are funded through tuition payments made to the charter school for students who reside in an area school district. The tuition rate for our charter school is based upon the instructional expense that is calculated by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Therefore, when a student begins attending school in Pennsylvania, the cost of their education (tuition rate) follows them no matter if they attend school within the school district where they live or at the York Academy. Watch this short video to learn more. 

 If you have additional questions, please contact us at (717) 801-3900 or