SOCKtober Is Here!

SOCKtober Is Here!

Socktober is here!! During the month of October, third grade will be conducting our service project with Learning for Legs. Learning for Legs is an organization which helps amputees around the world get prosthetic legs. Last year, students raised enough money to help 3 amputees from 3 different countries. Two of them are pictured in this article. There are a few ways we are asking students, parents, and the community to get involved with this amazing fundraiser. 

Visit our campaign page to make a monetary donation or order socks:
Socks come in 4 different styles (boys, girls, men's, women's)  $12 for 3 pairs. 

Students, bring in your pennies! Every morning from October 9th- 20th York Academy students can bring in pennies or loose change to participate in penny wars. Each grade level will be competing against one another. Here is how a penny war works:
Penny Wars are a competition in which the students try to raise money for a charitable cause. To make it competitive and raise more money, students can place pennies in their grade level jug. Other grade levels can put other coins in that grade level jug to try to deduct points away from the pennies. The goal is to bring in as many pennies as possible to get the most points for your grade level. Example:1 penny = 1 point, 1 nickel = - 5 points, 1 dime = - 10 points, 1 quarter = - 25 points, paper bills = - 100 points

Third grade will count the money for each grade level and give points to each grade level for the total they have in their jug. The grade with the highest point value will win socks and a chance to wear those socks on a sock day just for their grade level. 

Please help us support Learning for Legs by visiting our campaign page or by participating in penny wars. Let's work together to make 2017 the best Socktober yet!