Grade 2

Mr.-Goodwin-Classroom-300x200Reading: 100 minutes daily
Students become inquirers through the exploration of skills and strategies within whole group instruction. Teachers use the McGraw Hill’s Treasures Reading Series to facilitate growth in reading comprehension, story structure, fiction and non-fiction texts, as well as other foundational concepts. Small group instruction is an integral part of second grade curriculum. Through small groups, each student’s individual academic needs are met with the use of leveled readers that focus on weekly skills and strategies. Small group is a time for students to build their confidence in reading so they can apply those skills independently. Vocabulary is also reviewed daily in whole and small group instruction. Students continue their study of words through the Words Their Way spelling program. Through an initial spelling inventory, students receive spelling words that are tailored to their needs.  

Writing: 40 minutes daily
Writing is delivered through the use of the Lucy Calkins Workshop Model. Writing skills are enhanced through the study of personal narratives, informational writing, poetry and opinion writing. Teachers also focus on writing conventions through modeling and conferencing. Students are directed through the writing process of prewriting, drafting, editing, revising, and publishing. Students collaborate to design and publish a class book on a topic that is student selected. 

Mathematics: 85 minutes daily
The Everyday Math Series is a spiraled curriculum framework where students learn basic fact mastery, number sense/numeracy, geometry, as well as data and chance. Students are instructed in a variety of methods in which they can apply math in real world scenarios.  Math is taught in small groups where students rotate between stations based on their skill needs. Readiness and enrichment opportunities are available to students as needed. Games are a tool to reinforce skills that are taught each week via technology and hands-on activities. 

Science/Social Studies: 60 minutes daily
Plants and Animals, Pebbles, Sand, and Silt, and Air and Weather are taught using the FOSS modules. Teachers make transdisciplinary links between all curriculum areas. Students explore topics through hands-on investigations. They create inquiries and design methods to test their inquiries. Students reflect on the outcomes of their investigations and journal about the results.

Social Studies is taught through a combination of state standards and the IB units of inquiry. Teachers incorporate community resources such as Junior Achievement, local government officials, and local community facilities to provide students the opportunity to participate in their own community.

Second grade uniquely participates in an Artist in Residency program through the Cultural Alliance of York which is tied in with the How We Express Ourselves IB unit of inquiry. Through physical fitness and cooperation with the local YMCA, students receive 12 weeks of swimming instruction to teach basic life-saving skills.

Swimming Program
As part of the York Academy Physical Education Program, all students in grade two are provided instruction in swimming. The purpose of the Swimming Program is to assure that all students are provided with the basic skills necessary to be comfortable in the water. Instruction is provided by certified swimming instructors at the YMCA of York. Children are transported to the YMCA for swimming instruction. In addition to learning to swim, this activity provides children with knowledge of a physical activity that can be used throughout their lives.