Dress Code


Students will be required to adhere to the dress code established by the Board of Trustees. Parents are asked to assure that primary/elementary children are dressed appropriately for school.

Clothing must be clean, the correct size and in good repair. Caps or any other head covering are not permitted in school unless required by religious practice or deemed necessary by a medical doctor.


Shirts and Tops

• All shirts and tops will be light blue or white in color (6th and 7th graders may wear maroon only if wearing khaki bottoms)

• Shirts and tops must be short or long-sleeved with a collar, such as an oxford or polo

• Shirts and tops must be tucked in the pants at all times

• Sweaters, sweatshirts, fleece, vests, and cardigans are permitted, but may not have hoods and must either be white or navy blue

• T-shirts and hooded sweatshirts are not permitted in school



• Navy blue pants or shorts for boys (6th and 7th graders may wear khaki only if wearing a maroon top)

• Navy blue pants, shorts, skorts, skirts or jumpers for girls (6th and 7th graders may where khaki only if wearing a maroon top)

• Belts must be worn with bottoms that have belt loops

• Cargo-style pants, jeans and sweatpants are not permitted



• Solid black, brown, navy, or white shoes for boys and girls

• Solid black, brown, navy, or white socks or tights are required for all students

• Sneakers may be worn as part of the dress code

• Open-toed shoes and flip-flops are not permitted


Physical Education Attire

• Walking or running sneakers that will not mark the floors are required for physical education classes. Children will be permitted to leave these shoes at school.


York Academy logo merchandise can be purchased through Lands End at https://www.landsend.com/pp/px/schoolaccount. Through the Preferred Schools program, a percentage of Lands End merchandise sales is contributed to the PTO; but parents ARE NOT REQUIRED to purchase uniforms through Lands End.