Students Impress & Inspire at PYP Exhibition

PYP Students Share Knowledge and Passion at PYP Exhibition
Posted on 03/24/2019
Students Impress and Inspire at PYP ExhibitionRecently, family and staff members gathered to celebrate our fifth grade leaders at Exhibition Night at the York Academy! Exhibition is a collaborative, intensive research project that is unique to the International Baccalaureate curriculum and serves as the culminating project of the Primary Years Programme. It is one of the many projects that makes York Academy stand out. 

Earlier in the year, the students selected research topics that mattered to them, created their own central ideas and developed lines of inquiry. For weeks, they took responsibility of their learning through in-depth inquiry and research. Some of the topics included homelessness, depression, cancer, war, pollution, bullying and anxiety. The students worked in small groups and met multiple times per week with volunteer mentors from the York Academy staff. This culminating experience provided an opportunity for our students to exhibit the attributes of the IB Learner Profile, which have been a focus during the PYP years. Their presentations were impressive and inspiring.

Special thanks is extended to the fifth grade teachers and many mentors who guided and encouraged the students during this journey. Parents, your support of these extremely caring, reflective and knowledgeable IB communicators is greatly appreciated. The York Academy team is very proud of them and we look forward to seeing them excel in the MYP!

Click on the video below to view an overview of PYP Exhibition Night 2019. Please note that you will most likely need to turn up the volume on your device or computer. Thank you!