Extra-Curricular Programs


Students at York Academy participate in a wide-variety of educational and extra-curricular activities that all contribute to the well-rounded development of our students. During the weekly curriculum cycle children will participate in: Spanish, Art, Music, Swimming (2nd Grade) and Inspire! (Introductory Music Program for 4th and 5th grade).

Children also have the opportunity to participate in a variety of school supplementary activities, such as:

Boys’ and Girls’ Basketball

Boys’ Basketball Schedule – 2017



Band Instrument Lessons (beginning in 4th grade)

String Instrument Lessons (beginning in 3rd grade)

Kids Care Club (Community Service)

Boy and Girl Scouts* (run by parents and volunteers on a year-round basis)

Lego Builder Club (K-3)

Lego Robotics (4-5th grades- new for 2014-15)

W.I.N.** (Homework help/tutoring program offered to students on an “as needs” basis through Title 1 funding)


Art Club


After School Outdoor Play Club (1st and 3rd Trimesters)

Imagination Playground Building Club

Rigamajig Building Club (new offering for 2014-2015)

Spanish Club

iPad Buddies (K-2)

iPad Buddies (3-5)

Cooking Club

For more information about participating in these activities please contact the school office at (717) 801-3900. All clubs are dependent upon having enough sign ups and the menu of after school activities/clubs changes each of the three trimesters.