In response to COVID-19, meetings will be live streamed on our York Academy Connections YouTube Channel so the public may follow along.

If you would like to comment on agenda items or provide feedback to the Board of Trustees at an upcoming meeting, you may: 

1) Submit a comment through this online form.  The form will be open from the time the meeting agenda is posted (the Friday afternoon prior to the meeting) until 12 p.m. the day of the Board meeting. Your thoughts will be acknowledged during the "comments from the public" section, which is near the end of the meeting. 

2) Submit a request to speak live during the meeting by 12 p.m. the day of the meeting. Please send an email with your full name to  You will receive an email with the Zoom link and directions regarding how to join the meeting.

Please note that public comment on non-agenda items can only be made during Regular Board Meetings (not Committee Meetings). At this time, all meetings are being held virtually. 
If you have questions, contact us at or call (717) 801-3900, ext. 4312.  Thank you!