Students residing in a home district that provides busing, are eligible to be bused to and from York Academy. Please contact your home district’s department of transportation for opportunities to use district transportation. York Academy will not provide transportation; therefore it is imperative that you discuss your child’s transportation needs with your home district.

Children are not permitted to enter school before 7:30AM, unless they are enrolled in our Before School Care Program through the JCC.  If your child is participating in the breakfast program, he/she will report directly to the cafeteria at that time.  Please arrive for breakfast by 7:45AM so your child has enough time for breakfast.

Upon enrollment at York Academy, and every year thereafter, each student will fill out a Request for Transportation Form, which is available at the front office.  York Academy’s transportation coordinator will communicate with the student’s home district to make the necessary arrangements for transportation.  Each school year, information regarding bus transportation is sent home to parents.  Parents who move to a new home, within or outside of the original sending district, must inform York Academy of the family’s new address.  York Academy administration will contact the student’s sending district to inform them of the change.

Parents driving students to school can pull into the gravel lot across from the Simpson Station (Playground).  No parking or dropping off students on Beaver Street.  The city has posted a wide variety of “No Parking” signs all along the southbound side.  The eastbound lane is also No Parking, stopping or dropping off students.  This is the bus lane and the bus lane is active between the hours or 7:30 – 8:00AM and 3:00 – 3:45PM.  York City Parking enforcement will be ticketing throughout the year. 

The school does not own the land/parking lots surrounding the school, so please mind the posted parking signs.  The school dismissal process is designed to limit your need to park long term.  Dismissal begins at 3:15 with bus students and then followed by K-3 dismissing at 3:20 p.m.  The remaining grades, 3-8, are released at 3:25.  It should be possible for parent to park for 15 minutes or less to park somewhere close by to school, walk to the gate, pick up a child(ren), and return to the car safely.  LATE PICK UP:  Officially, all students are dismissed at 3:25 PM from York Academy, unless there is a special schedule.  Staff will stay with children in the playground area until 3:30.  However at 3:30 we take any remaining student to the front office to be watched by staff while parent are contacted by phone.  If you have difficulty in picking up your child(ren) every day by 3:30, please contact one of the following after school programs.  You can arrange child care.

CA – Crispus Attucks – 717-718-9620

JCC – Jewish Community Center – 717-843-0918 (Onsite at YARCS)

Lighthouse Youth Center – 717-843-7995

Lots of Love – 717-962-0305

Sunshine Day Care – 717-746-846-2273

We understand emergency situations happen, however, after two (2) late pick-ups you will receive a letter.  After the third late pick-up, you will be required to attend a meeting with the Transportation Coordinator and administration.

All transportation changes need to be made by 1:30 PM the day of your change.  This includes leaving early for appointments.  You have several options in order to do this:

Send a note with a student

Call the office at 717-801-3900

Call the Transportation Coordinator at 717-801-3900 ext. 204 or email

Email or message the teacher through dojo. However the teachers are not always able to check their emails do to instruction of our students.  This option is not recommended.

If at any time you have questions, please feel free to contact Christie Barger – Attendance / Transportation Coordinator, 717-801-3900 ext. 204 /