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Five years...

York Academy opened the doors to its first 225 students just five years ago. In less than a decade, this group of young people will be the first to change the world from their headquarters at 32 West North Street.

In 2011, York Academy restored the signature rose window at the Civil War era Smyser-Royer building and flew the American flag above the schoolhouse doors for the first time.  The school, its creators, its students, and its future represent a globally-minded citizenship growing within York, Pennsylvania.  

One York...
Through the world-renown International Baccalaureate curriculum, York Academy became the first - and remains the only - school in the commonwealth to successfully charter three local school districts inside one building.  Today it serves families from 11 of the 16 school districts throughout York County.  It sets the education standard that brings all of us together as a unified York.

We lead...  
York Academy students are filled with a desire to create from the outset of their education.  They are charged with a level of confidence that pushes beyond the bounds of their own perceived circumstances.  York Academy’s strongest students lead until their peers join them as leaders.

York Academy understands that education is far more than a conventional practice.  It’s a social build.  Within the walls of York Academy, education has become a form of evolving respect and appreciation for human growth.  Students recognize that each individual in our world has potential that is primed to be revealed.

We build…
Together, we can build a legacy.  As York Academy students grow older, they will undoubtedly grow stronger.  They will gauge success by the strength of the relationships they’ve fostered in their community and in their world.  

Together, we can raise the most impactful generation to ever establish their foundation in York.  Each of us contributes our time and talents to their success.  Now each of us has the chance to expand their access to resources through the following programs:

York Arts - professional music, dance, and performance art educators for students
        ○ Kindergarten through 7th Grade
        ○ Maximum Give: $6,000

Cultural Alliance of York - professional arts educators for students
        ○ Kindergarten through 7th Grade
        ○ Maximum Give: $4,500 

Instrumental Music - professional instrumentalist educators for students 
        ○ 4th Grade through 6th Grade
        ○ Maximum Give: $75,000

Envirothon -  a six-student team representing YARCS in this county-wide competition
        ○ 5th Grade and 6th Grade
        ○ Maximum Give: $3,500

Technology for Students - a one-to-one iPad environment for each student
        ○ Every Student
        ○ Maximum Give: $40,000

Team Sports - cross-country, basketball, and volleyball
        ○ 5th Grade and 6th Grade
        ○ Maximum Give: $5,000

Simpson Station - school/community playground
        ○ Every Student
        ○ Maximum Give: $5,000

Lego Robotics - students engineer and build Lego tech
        ○ Maximum Give: $5,000

Foundation Scholarship - academic all-stars earn dollars toward their future education
        ○ First Graduating Class of 2022
        ○ Maximum Give: Limitless

Until the challenge is complete...
You are a part of the social build taking place at York Academy.  You are developing a generation of Yorkers who will lead beyond the perceived limits of our time.  The students, parents, staff, and administration of York Academy Regional Charter School are ready for the challenge.  

Your response to this information directly affects the future of education in York County.  Thank you for expanding the range of resources available to York Academy students as they grow to impact their world.

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